Community Innovators

By: Karen Homa

A community innovating – this sounds like a good plan to me if we want to get healthcare transforming in the direction of better care that is being produced in partnership with patients and families. I have seen incredible work being done such as a community innovator asking why haven’t I got a PFEC (Patient & Family Experience of Care) survey in the last 2 years and figuring out with her team that the email address was invalid. I’ve seen a community innovator be an equal QI team member and leading projects. There are many examples of the work we are doing.  I believe the only way we will get to a better place is by getting involved in improving care. To act as partners not only with each other but with the care teams to identify new opportunities for collaboration. Community innovators is not just a label for group members, but for me it means our active involvement and supporting each other as we learn our way into our involvement.