Fall Community Conference Highlights

By: Anissa Hostetter, Patient Partner, University of Cincinnati

Preparing for the 2017 Fall Community Conference as a first-time participant, at first, seemed a little overwhelming. I had no idea what to expect or what was expected of me. However, I read over the booklets and agendas that were sent to me ahead of time; I participated in the test run of the video conference platform with other Patient Partners; and of course, I had the support of my team members, especially the ones who would be at the conference.

Over the three-day conference, I was surprised and intrigued by how big the CF Learning Network Community is as a whole; the conference attendees were only a small portion. There's all these people: physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, counselors, parents, other patients, and many more who are working so hard to provide Model CF Care. Everyone coming together to make things better and really make a difference. Appropriately quoted by Dr. Brent James: "Better has no limit"!

Since I am new to our team and the whole CFLN experience, it was interesting to hear other teams' trial and errors, progress on different projects, and ideas for the future. Everyone was sharing, asking questions, and offering suggestions.

Being unable to physically attend the conference due to my CF, I was able to attend virtually along with other Patient Partners. To me, allowing us to communicate with each other online and virtually with the conference attendees, was an essential part of the group experience. An example of Co-Production at its best!

I look forward to seeing many more accomplishments from our members of the CF Learning Network!